Rally for Reagan Tokes

  • Actions Conquer Tragedy

"What was taken away from us, something positive had to come from it. God finds ways to good in all things. Even evil"...Toby Tokes

"There was no choice. We had to act immediately. Reagan would want us to be doing this at this point. She would want us to try and make something positive from this terrible tragedy.....Lisa Tokes

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FREE Event June 7th 7pm - 9m Grove City Ohio

Rally for Reagan Tokes Actions Conquer Tragedy

sdi7 Safety. Prevention. Awareness. Self Defense

Host: Rob Fletcher

Event Title:

Reagan Tokes Action Conquers Tragedy sdi7 Safety. Prevention. Awareness. Self Defense Program and the sdi7 HIIT Workout

Event Location

Location: The Eagle Pavilion Fryer Park, 3670 Discovery Drive Grove City

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Featured speakers

Lisa Tokes, Rob Fletcher, Senator Kevin Bacon, Representative Kristin Boggs, Lieutenant Brian Davidson, Sgt Kevin Holmstrom and others.


Event is FREE We ask for a donation to the Reagan Tokes Scholarship Fund

Event Topics:

  • The Reagan Tokes Story
  • The Reagan Tokes Act
  • The failure of the system. Existing laws and policies.
  • What is being done to prevent this tragedy from happening again.
  • What we; you and I can do.
  • Safety. Prevention & Awareness Advice & Tips
  • The Mindset Zones if attacked
  • Most vulnerable target areas if attacked
  • Basic Strikes Fighting Skills and Self Defense Techniques all should know.

Limited Seating

Space is limited to 100 people. Please RSVP to reserve your spot.


The Reagan Tokes' Story

Reagan Tokes Act

On February 8, 2017, Reagan Tokes, a 21-year-old Ohio State University Senior only three months away from graduation, was forcefully abducted by Brian Golsby shortly after she left her work shift at a Columbus restaurant in the Short North District. Golsby forced her to drive to Scioto Grove Metro Park in Grove City. He then compelled her to strip naked in the bitter cold before raping her. He subsequently shot her in the head twice, killing her. Her body was found the next day in the park.

A very bright, talented, young girl with an infectious smile and personality, Reagan was brutally taken in an unimaginably horrific way.

Her final words: “I just want to live.”

The Issue: Existing laws and policies put us all in DANGER

There is another side to the Reagan Tokes Story. It was preventable.

Brian Golsby committed 52 infractions while incarcerated and several documented parole violations since his release in November. This violent criminal had no right to be released.

Along with his conviction in the murder of Reagan Tokes, Golsby pled guilty to six armed robberies and attacks in German Village and South Columbus in 2017 that took place prior to Reagan’s murder. Golsby had been trolling through the neighborhood for weeks prior to Reagan’s murder looking for potential victims. He was sentenced to 66 years in prison for these attacks, in addition to the life sentence he received for the robbery, kidnapping , rape and murder of Reagan Tokes.

Golsby could have been arrested before he had the opportunity to harm Reagan, but he was not being properly monitored through his GPS ankle monitor. Lisa and Toby Tokes were both surprised and shocked to find how the system has failed in such epic proportion. Through sheer will and courage derived out of love for their daughter, they identified changes that must be made to existing law to prevent her tragic death from becoming just another statistic of a failing system. Their drive and determination comes from knowing that Reagan would want them to do something to prevent another individual and family from experiencing the same violence and loss.

“Together we will make a positive impact.
Together we will make a difference.
Together we will save lives”
Kristin Boggs D Representative

Kristin Boggs

D - Representative

“Without restrictions on GPS monitoring an offender can go anywhere. ..anytime….anyplace. ...And do anything”

Jim Hughes R Representative

Jim Hughes

R- Representative

“It is our goal with this legislation to assure this never happens again”.

Kevin Bacon R Senator

Kevin Bacon

R - Senator

“We are standing here as a team Republican and Democrat to tackle an issue. What we have learned from this situation is that we can put standards in place and make changes in law that can prevent this and save someones life in the future”

Sean O'Brien D Senator

Sean O'Brien

D - Senator

“It’s truly sad and horrible circumstances that bring us here together for this bill and the need for it. It’s a clear breakdown of the judicial system.
We have to have this bill”

Much needs to be done in regard to fixing the existing laws, and policies of violent criminals. Additionally, educational programs reinforcing Self Defense. Safety. Prevention and Awareness. All women and teen age girls should have the basic knowledge and skills of how to fight back. Where and how to strike.

The Solutions: The Tokes family now motivated to take action and Fight Back. Doing this through Education. Together we are launching our national campaign beginning June 7th in Grove City, Ohio along with the Grove City Police Department. Lieutenant Brian Davidson, Sergeant Kevin Holmstrom and the Grove city police Dept implementing the sdi7 Safety. Prevention. Awareness Program combined with the sdi7 HIIT workouts. A workout I created which combines mixed martial arts, kickboxing, may thai, strength and conditioning, core and abdominal work. This workout enhances and reinforces fighting skills while torching fat. A series of 7 minute intervals.

National seminars, presentations and programs. Presentations and seminars include self defense, safety, prevention and awareness followed by the actual sdi7 HIIT workouts. Reinforcing fighting skills and self defense techniques. 6 week programs will be offered to high schools, colleges and universities, and through special events.