From Passion to Profession

After achieving my black belt, competing and performing on an international level, I realized the impact I could potentially make. I had a very deep desire to inspire, and motivate others in living a “positive, healthy, fit, confident and strong” life. In the early 1990’s I pursued my passion opened USA Karate and Fitness Center in Naples, FL.

Later I was a key player in bringing martial arts mainstream, as coordinator for the Arnold Schwarzenegger Martial Arts Festival (ASF). After that I won the North American Kickboxing Championship, and started developing several training programs including the sdi7 HIIT, Self Defense Workout for Women, Street Kombat, Karatics - The Knockout Workout. These programs combine the elements of self-defense, fighting skills, boxing, kickboxing, MMA workouts, strength plus conditioning, core and abdominal exercises. Designed to be physically, mentally, emotionally, socially and spiritually; Building the will win from the inside out.

One of my top priorities has always been working with the youth, and inspiring them to believe in themselves. The most rewarding accomplishment for me was creating “My Start Strong Stay Strong Program” - addressing Obesity and Bullying through:

  • Youth Fitness
  • Empowerment
  • Nutrition
  • Education
  • Motivation

I’ve learned so much from great leaders and past experiences, I am taking that knowledge and paving the way for a more confident, healthier, and stronger future. Fitness is not just a passion it’s an obsession, it’s a movement we all need to embrace. The health of our nation has gone down the drain, and street crimes are on the rise. You have the power to change that, I have the desire to show you how. It is not going to be easy, but it will be the best gift you can give yourself. The first step in setting yourself up for success is contacting me. Send me a Message.

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America's Fitness & Self-Defense Expert



2017 AMAA Who's Who Martial Arts

  • Grandmaster & Master Legend in the American Martial Arts
  • Awarded for the positive influence and impact on the lives of countless individuals through teaching and mentorship.

A year of Celebration

  • Inducted to the Masters Martial Arts Hall of Fame
  • Launched ANGT Digital Magazine
  • Author America’s Next Great Trainer Transform Your Life
  • Named The Who’s Who of Martial Arts

Martial Arts Hall of Honors

  • ISSA (International Sports Sciences Association) Master of Fitness
  • Featured in the NY Post for his 8 week Transformation Challenge
  • Awarded and Honored for Outstanding Martial Arts Achievement by Master Alan Goldberg and the Action Martial Arts Hall of Honors.

ANGT TV America's Next Great Trainer Talk Show

  • Weekly TV Show airing on Cablevision ANGT TV America's Next Great Trainer Talk Show
  • Featured on numerous National TV shows including Good Morning
  • America, Let's Talk Live, and Good Day New York
  • Selected as one of 20 Global Advisors to the ISHOF (International Sports Hall of Fame) by Dr. Robert Goldman (Founder of ISHOF & NASM National Academy of Sports Medicine)

IHP(Institute of Human Performance)

  • Certified Mixed Martial Arts, Strength & Conditioning
2011 - Present

Radio Host 93.5 FM WTBQ

  • Weekly one hour talk show topics regarding health, fitness, nutrition, sports performance, weight loss, empowering stories of transformation. Interviews with experts in their respected fields.

Founder ANGT America's Next Great Trainer

  • A marketing and promotional platform for trainers, coaches and instructors to: educate and motivate others to live "positive, healthy, fit, confident, and strong."

Joe Weider Martial Arts Extravaganza

  • Coordinated the Joe Weider Martial Arts Extravaganza at the Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino, LasVegas. Aligned UFC-Ultimate Fighting Championships with the Joe Weider organization.
  • Aligned UFC-Ultimate Fighting Championships with the Joe Weider organization
  • Creator/Producer of several workouts and curriculums: KARATICS, Street Kombat, Self
  • Defense Workout for Women, Sdi7 HIIT (Self Defense in 7 Minutes High Intensity
  • Interval Training), S.A.F.E Students Aware Focused Educated to live “positive, healthy, fit, confident and strong.”

New Champion

  • North American Kickboxing Champion
  • ACMA - American Council of Martial Arts
  • Cooper Clinic Dallas, TX
  • Founder/Owner of Club Level Fitness Center Naples, FL.


  • World Champion WAKO-USA Team Member

Coordinator for Arnold Schwarzenegger

  • Coordinator of the Arnold Schwarzenegger Martial Arts Festival - bringing martial arts mainstream into the fitness arena
  • Started producing several workouts and curriculums
  • IFPA (International Fitness Professionals Association) CPT Dedicated to improving the lives of others.

USA Karate

  • Owner/Instructor USA Karate & Fitness Naples, FL.

Certified Black Belt

  • Believing in yourself, working hard to reach your goals, and practice...practice...practice is the mastery of all skills.

The Beginning